PostHeaderIcon Rafting on Black Cheremosh River.

 For the extreme vacation we can propose rafting on the Cheremosh River.

Rafting – this is very interesting type of active vacation, which giving unique opportunity for the short period of time to get many positive impressions from dangerous waves and calm water.

Rafting will take you all and force you to forget everything. It will open most interesting places of Carpathian region, give a great opportunity to raise your physical abilities and trust in yourself. 

We offer two rafting trips:

  • A brief extreme rafting trip goes from the village Dzembronya to the village Krasnyk including the basic rapids of the Black Cheremosh. Duration - 1hour. Distance - 10 km.
  • A long rafting trip starts from the village Dzembronya and ends in the village Verkhovyna including the main rapids (Dzembronya, Syva Kobyla, three steps of Guchok, and Guk). Duration 2 hours. Distance - 20 km. 

Number of the tourists in a group: from 3 to 15 persons.

Prices for rafting trips:

- brief extreme rafting trip: 15 €./person.

- long rafting trip:  25 €./person.


- from age of 10 y.o.,

- no medical restrictions.

 The price will include: helmet, oar, rescue jacket, instructor work and rent of raft or catamaran.

 The price will not include: insurance and special clothes for rafting.