PostHeaderIcon Are you tired from work, everyday problems and dreaming about vacation?

  We can solve your problem easily. Only at our place you can leave all problems behind and think about good things.

Stop the time and discover unknown sites of Carpathian Mountains. Nature, people and culture of Hutsul`s region will bring you unforgettable moments.

Take a trip to Carpathian region, climb mountains and observe beautiful valleys.

PostHeaderIcon Rafting on Black Cheremosh River.

 For the extreme vacation we can propose rafting on the Cheremosh River.

Rafting – this is very interesting type of active vacation, which giving unique opportunity for the short period of time to get many positive impressions from dangerous waves and calm water.

Rafting will take you all and force you to forget everything. It will open most interesting places of Carpathian region, give a great opportunity to raise your physical abilities and trust in yourself.